So glad you’re here.  I  am currently a freelance UX researcher and designer based in Austin, TX. I was most previously a full-time designer at argodesign. My work has encompassed both customer facing solutions as well as complex enterprise software. In addition to my design work, I also lead workshop sessions and research interviews to generate ideas, develop customer understanding, and to align business goals.

Prior to argo, my agency experiences have been with frog design and Chaotic Moon (now Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive). I started out as an in-house designer with Dell and The Advisory Board Company.

I attended the University of Michigan on a full scholarship as an Achievement Fellow and was profiled by the school here (M.S. Information, 2012). I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2008 with degrees in English literature and Ethnic Studies. As of fall 2017, I am a full-time doctoral candidate in sociology studying women in tech at UC Santa Barbara.

Fun facts: I’ve been a volunteer librarian at Rikers Island correctional facility, written a peer-reviewed paper on the impact of design on public libraries, and previously worked as a Youth Development Worker in Spanish Harlem.

Last concert:  ACL in 2017.

Currently listening to: Joyride by Tinashe.

Currently reading: Dealing in Desire by Kimberly Kay Hoang (highly recommend!)

Favorite thing ever:  Hiking! Hiking everywhere. Also, pugs.

tiffany california


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This puppy just kills me!! Love that photo! And i’m diggin Frank Ocean at the moment as well. OK, diggin into your blog…

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