A few fun things

For the first time in a while, I’m working on a consumer-facing, responsive site. The site must be fully accessible for various platforms (phone, desktop, tablet), which has been an amazingly educational experience. I’ve used a few different books as guides, but these two have been huge standouts:

Both books inspired me to write code and more importantly, use semantic markup in a meaningful way. Here a few fun things I’ve been practicing on my own.

Using viewport to create responsive navigation

This was a strangely challenging endeavor, mostly because I was playing around with Foundation for a good bit, then gave up and coded it myself. I’m really interested in using Foundation because its grid is so flexible, but I’ll come back to that when I have a firmer grasp of html/css.

Taking advantage of CSS to create responsive images and fonts

Playing around with different viewport units (vh, vw), CSS properties (max-width) helped me create an amazing website about pug hugs.

These are super simple, unattractive sites, but they helped me understand how inclusive, responsive sites come together and how to talk to our developers about creating sites that welcome everyone, which is a pretty sweet thing.


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